“…out of the box thinking…”

We met with Bob and Diane Peterson in 2012 to sell our first home and move our new family into the suburbs to take advantage of the schools as well as provide more room for our growing family. We worried that selling our home would be hard and we were worried about taking a large loss on the sale due to the economy. Bob and Diane calmed our fears by advising to look at the sale of our current home and purchase of a new home as one total transaction. This helped us get over the fear of “losing money” and into finding the right home. The sale of our first home was surprisingly quick given the market at the time and I would have to commend the Peterson’s on providing the right advice to get our home sold both in staging, and pricing. Once under contract on the sale of our first home we had little time to find a new home. The Peterson’s listened to our wishes, provided us with the options in the location that we wanted, but we unfortunately could not find a home that “spoke” to us as “our home.” Bob and Diane convinced us to broaden our search area to include some other neighborhoods, we reluctantly agreed since we were “on the clock” to find our new home. We toured several houses early on a Saturday, the homes were just O.K. and each one was a little bit better than the last one, we were beginning to get worried we would not be able to find our home, than the Peterson’s showed us the last house on the list that morning and it literally was “our home” it met every requirement on the list, great schools, great neighborhood, etc… After all these years, looking back on the process I think the Peterson’s staged it that way on purpose. I think Bob and Diane knew this was the right house for us. We loved the house, there was just one catch, the list price was above our budget!!. This is where Bob and Diane used their experience and convinced us to go for it, with an interesting unconventional strategy, Bob and Diane advised us to make the sale personal and write a letter to the seller about their home and how we would love to raise our family in this home like they had raised theirs. We were skeptical if this unconventional strategy would work, but after a bit of negotiating it worked and 5 years later we are raising our growing family in this wonderful home in a beautiful neighborhood in the perfect town. We could not be happier where we are all thanks to the persistent work, experience and out of the box thinking of the Peterson’s. Thank you for making our dream home come true Bob and Diane

— Kathryn Maxwell