“…after speaking to the Petersons I canceled the other two meetings.”

Bob and Diane were referred to us through a very dear friend and we had met them on occasion before we made the decision to put the house on the market. I had 2 other realtors set up to speak with, but after speaking to the Petersons I canceled the other two meetings. They were the realtors for us.

I was offered a transfer and accepted the position leaving behind a home of 20 years. I had raised my children, sheltered friends during difficult times, had weddings and receptions, baby showers, church youth meetings and so many important things to me and so many others. Putting this house on the market with the Petersons was a very emotional time for me, but they were reassuring, comforting and understood my tears.

Bob and Diane gave us suggestions on how to make the sell happen, we listened, followed through on staging and our house was sold in less than 8 weeks. Bob hustled to get things done that the buyer requested as I was out of town and my husband was often away traveling for his job.

It was nothing but a positive experience and at closing we were given the most priceless gift of a painting of our home that held so many memories for us.

Forever grateful for the Petersons.

— Pam Rendfeld